Hazel Todd (oboe, oboe d'amore and cor anglais) studied at the Royal College of Music with Sidney
Sutcliffe and subsequently with Malcolm Messiter and Celia Nicklin. She has since performed in a great variety of orchestras and chamber groups as well as given recitals and concerto performances in the UK and overseas. Hazel currently plays regularly in Serenata, with Louise Turner (soprano), Mary Harris ('cello) and Adrian Davis (keyboard), the West Forest Sinfonia (of which she is also the Orchestral Manager) and the Thames Consort. She also does much freelance work and teaches oboe at a number of schools

To contact Hazel Todd, email hazeltodd@waitrose.com or telephone 0118 9785866

Hear Hazel (accompanied by Joanne Shepherd (piano) in a recital) Meditation for Oboe d'amore and Piano by William Young (1921- )
What the composer said: "...just the right general tempo, with very suitable flexibility; lovely tone quality and dynamic variety. The various moods of the piece are just as I intended .."

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